Hi and welcome to the first development update from us at Cat Bot Crew!

To start of, let’s introduce ourselves and the game. We are a group of eight people (eight team members and one consultant) that are studying game development in the medieval city of Visby, on the island of Gotland in Sweden. 

The game we’re making is called Homemaker© (final name yet to be decided). It is a horror-survival-adventure game, in a unique setting. The game takes place in the 50’s,the protagonist is a traditional housewife. You’ll follow the protagonist through her journey in this terrifying game. You’ll always have the feeling of being unsafe like something is following/watching you. Always have to keep your guard up and be ready to run at any time.

We’ve been developing the game for a couple of weeks now. The last sprint our coders have been hard at work setting up the basic character movement and environment and item interaction. The artists have been making more 3D assets, and a big focus has been on cleaning up the mocap data that we recorded a few weeks ago. 

We also had a photo shoot where we took some well needed group photos as well as reference photos for our future t shirts. That’s all from us for now, if you haven’t already make sure to follow us on social media for more updates!

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